What's your favorite condiment?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I have a thing for Thousand Island dressing on things. That or pickle relish. Or both ! lol

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Merlin happy happy
Hi Hip~ Yet another thing yo and Don have in common. May I please have a Carpenter with mayo. ? :) ?
Personally, I lean more toward Miracle Whip
happy happy! to you and Don
Merlin happy happy
I'm sorry Rooster... You know, as we get older, our eyes and minds are the first things that go... Mine must be deteriorating faster than usual. It was all that horseradish and tabasco I put on my food. It may have burned them and my taste buds to the hilt! I love relish on Dodger Dogs.... Just Playin'!!! On All hot dogs!! Winks and Smiles
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Ancient Hippy answered

I probably use more mayo than any other, so I'll have to say mayo.

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I think I posted your comment under Rooster. Gosh, I've gotta learn this technique and quickly before I embarrass myself any more! Look under Rooster. I thought he had commented under you... which he did... but literally commented under you and I was next in line... Ugh! You'll get it if you go under Rooster. Now, I feel badly for him.... Grrrr. Anyway, you will like it I hope
Ancient Hippy
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That was funny. Rooster probably knows what happened.
Merlin happy happy
It's one of the "benes" of getting Ancient, old, or just being cool. I do believe understanding, wisdom and sometimes patience comes with the territory.
Happy! Happy!
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I'm going with horseradish and tabasco. I have a feeling many won't agree.  But, I do like my food spicy. 

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Obviously it depends what it's going with.

I love me some aioli with my sweet potato fries.

A tasty homemade cilantro and jalapeno hot sauce is amazing with bbq chicken.

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