Does an Ice cream sandwich actually have Ice cream?


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So why doesn't it melt?

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hey cameron
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It does melt sometimes! I've had one drip down my arm--that was not fun
Maurice Korvo
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Its kept in the freezer till you eat it.
Tris Fray Potter
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It does! That's the fun of eggs eating them! You have to finish it before it melts!
It's particularly hard here in QLD, because an average summer day here is about 30°C (about 90°F). Most of the time, it's really humid, so that makes 30°C feel like 40°C!
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Yep. So do ice cream bars (like Crunch bars and stuff). And it does melt if you give it long enough.

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As others have said yes they do have ice cream. And it does melt. I am sorry you don't have them where you are. Getting them from a vendor and eating while sitting on the beach is a fond childhood memory. They would drip so much and make a mess it was a good excuse to get back in the water.

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