Sounds crazy I know, but have you ever heard of cooking dinner in the dishwasher? Would you ever cook your dinner in the dishwasher? See below please....


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Geez ! Anything is possible! I just got a new dishwasher a while back. I prefer the BBQ but am always willing to give something different a chance. If Vincent Price did it, I'll have to try!

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Cindy  Lou
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I am still not sure if I will try it . I like BBQ also way too much over the hot water cooking method but they did say salmon does real well cooked that way.
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Have you ever heard of people cooking dinner in the dishwasher? Here's a video.

Years ago, on the Johnny Carson show, I saw the actor Vincent Price cook a meal in the dishwasher. He cooked salmon with lemon and dill, asparagus (I think), and fresh pear halves with red wine. Each was enclosed in tightly sealed aluminum foil. Johnny Carson said it tasted delicious.

Nowadays, there's even a cookbook about it

by this woman

and she cooks the meal at the same time she does the dishes. (Vincent Price cooked his meals with no other dishes or soap going on) She uses tightly sealed Mason jars.

But it's in Italian. Her name is Lisa Calani, so she made several YouTube videos of recipes subtitled in English so others could see the recipes cooked.

Here's a video of one of her recipes.

Do you think you would ever try cooking meals in the dishwasher?

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I have heard about it and it was probably about the time Vincent Price did it. I have also heard about cooking dinner under the hood of your car. You put everything in aluminum foil or metal pans wrapped in foil and place it on your engine and drive for 45-60 minutes and it is done.  I am not too keen on either idea,

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We did this all while I was growing up because kid family did road trios to much. My dad cooked roasts in he engine tucked in there somewhere and then we would stop at a rest stop and slice it and make the most delicious sandwiches EVER!
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A local tv station here in houston tried it most of the stuff they tried got the thumbs down

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I saw a video on YouTube of that and they had many fails . I think it has to be tested out and experimented with. Personally it seems to take so long to cook-2 hours in the dishwasher but I guess if it's a whole meal in a Mason jar I guess that's okay. Not sure though if I will try it .
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There was a guy who would cook dinner on the engine of his car . . . Several packages of Heavy aluminum foil place strategically on areas of the engine that produces heat . . .

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I heard of fixing dinner in the dishwasher. But never looked into it.

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I know what you mean. It would take me a week to fill it up. I just wash real quick as I go along unless holidays and then the kids do it. I even got rid of 9/10th of my dishes because it just made a mess.

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