When it comes to cupcakes, what is your strategy: lick the frosting or bite right in?


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Bite right in!  Sometimes I use yellow cupcakes to make mini strawberry shortcake.  Yummmm!!!!

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As a kid I licked the icing off, but then you are stuck with a dry cupcake. With age comes wisdom. Bite right in and get the best possible cupcake.

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Skip Gentry answered

Bite right in and get the frosting and the cake together.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

If it's light frosting ? I'll lick that off first, then the cupcake. Just got done eating a St. Patties day cupcake ! I don't care for the heavy sugar frosting ones though.

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Darik Majoren
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My son makes a gourmet chocolate cupcake with fresh buttercream frosting that just melts in your mouth . . . the frosting is the right amount of sweet for me.
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Gosh, well first off . . . I LOVE cupcakes . . . Who doesn't love the idea of a portable cake for one . . . AND if you cannot decide what kind of cake . . Have several different kinds of the cupcakes!

Okay, that being said . . I will dip a finger in to try the sweetness of the frosting, but I am HUGE on ratio . . . My cake to frosting ratio is specific to me and my tastes. So after trying a little frosting I will usually bite right in if the frosting is not Overly sweet.

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Scrape most of the frosting off, but leave a light glaze for a bit of sweetness, and then eat it. I never liked frosting, which is weird because i have a huge sweet tooth

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