Did your mom or grandmother use 2 cupcake liners per cupcake? If I have the flimsy papers then I still use two - what's your technique?


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They never used 2 and either did I.  One is always sufficient.  Maybe you need to look into better quality liners if you have a problem.

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I only used two for presentation. If it's for my little family, I use one. If I'm making them for a school function, or a team, holiday, or bake sale, I'll use two. They look really nice that way.

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Linilla Schmidt
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Also I finally learned that brushing a bit of canola oil in the inside paper makes them peel off real easy. A Young neighbor taught me this and I'm no spring chicken.
dragonfly forty-six
I just started using two one day, because I thought they looked better. My mother and grandmother were/are exceptional cooks, but neither baked. I am very good at both, and find baking relaxing. I've had to bake a lot of cupcakes over the years and just found that two looked professional. I usually use a paper one, and then a silver one for the outside.
Great tip on the oil for the cups. Always looking for little baking tips, thank you. I love learning new things from the young ones! They've taught me a lot.
Linilla Schmidt
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Thank you so much for your comment. Have a great weekend

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