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None of the above!!!

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Out of all of those. I wouldn't turn down KFC. Heck, I would never turn down fried chicken in general. I don't ever recall having bad fried chicken, ever.

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Wow, what a limitation, three of them totally stink, and Subway is only slightly "ok". For chicken I'd go to Popeye's, Subs, I'd go to Penn Station, of chain burgers, I'd go to Five guys.

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Charles Davis
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When you're talking $5 for a burger that sucks, and spend $^ for a good one it's worth it. Besides you get free peanuts LOL.
Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
Yep, that's true. You get what you pay for :)
Bruno FiftySix
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The price at Five Guys has gone up a lot since they first came to town just a few years ago...(but I still go sometimes)
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Thats it my choice is  homemade tacos with my shine to wash it down

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