What are the best lures to use for bass?


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Stewart Jameson answered

Use any top water lure during the summer and do this where there is a lot of grass. In colder days go for spinners, wobblers, spinner baits, shads and anything else that goes in the mid/bottom water layer.

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Arthur Wright answered

The kind that actually work. This is just a trial and catch trial as some lures work for some Fisherman and not others on the same lake/river but from experience, live bait works best for Bass.  Good luck

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Arjun Ullas , Fishing Enthusiast, answered

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Rey Tibonik answered

I myself am not a professional fisherman, but I was interested in experts in this industry on the site StudyDaddy.com I was told that there are 2 choices of baits 1) worms and 2) insects.

1) There are different types: Earthen (rain, creep), manure, worm-shamrocks, white earthworms, worms, etc. Some species of worms can be specially grown for fishing, creating suitable conditions for them.

2) Among the best baits, the most famous are the ones such as: Bloodworm, dowry, caddisfly, mormysh, podenka, vesnyanka, bark beetle, may bug, omentum, gadfly, horsefly, grasshopper, mare, bear, butterfly, dragonfly and its larva, flour worm, fruit flies, caterpillars, Colorado beetle, etc.

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