how to make sure I'm getting all my needed nutrients and vitamins as a vegan? (Before I get complaints, I'm doing it because I can't digest animal protein and dairy normally)


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star gazing answered

Take supplements, especially for things like iron or B-complex vitamins. A month or so in, get a blood test to make sure you aren't deficient in something. You can get protein from walnuts, almonds etc, and non-dairy yogurt. Do the five (probably more) servings of different veggies and fruits everyday thing.

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Abigail Connor answered

Vitamins are an obvious big one, I take b-12 along with a couple other ones. I have a 5 year old mentality when it comes to vegetables, but in reality, fruit doesn't offer much as far as protein and iron (veggies and beans can give you that). If your health won't suffer much, I'd say add and take out things & try different meal plans until you find something that works for you

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