Did you ever have one bad night of drinking too much?


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Just one ? Nope :p the one this question reminds me of was the time I almost got my azz kicked by a bee-ach who out weighed me by about a hundred pounds... Okay I'm gonna ramble now :) so I walked up to the bar to get a glass of ice water ( cos I was drunk as) and when I was walking back to my table some loser was laying across a table and said to me " come her baby make my face wet " so I said " okay " and dumped my glass of water on his face ... He started choking on the ice ... That was awesome :) then a few minutes later some fat beeach came up to me screaming .. " that was my boyfriend .. Blah blah blah " I was wasted so I thought I could take her ... I screamed at her " come on you Fat f*ck lets go"  then next thing I knew a bouncer grabed me and another grabbed her ... She ended up kicked out of the bar ... Then I started shaking and crying cos I realized she would have broke my face ..... And liquid courage isn't a good thing :) anyway I made a bouncer walk me home that night cos I was scared  ... And I never drank rye again ... BAM !

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Zack -  Mr. GenXer
Not a woman to hold back are you? I'm not saying that you should because it makes a person really fun to hang out with.
Jaimie  JT
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I've never been one to hold back :) that was probably 8 years ago though ... I still remember it vividly cos it's the closest I ever came to getting in a bar room brawl :) I was terrified after . But in the moment I was so sure I could take her down :p
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A couple of times in my youth i got as far as walking-around-blacked-out drunk.  On one occasion I got so sick that I was unable to keep food down for a couple of days, and to this day some 52 years later I cannot abide the smell or taste of rum and coke. 

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I've had way more than one haha

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More than I'm willing to admit...

I've gotten to the point now where I know how not to drink too much anymore, but when I was first starting out with partying at frat houses, I went overboard sometimes. One night involved me throwing up on and off for about 2 hours while my best friend tried to sleep on the floor but kept waking up because of me -_-

Most of my drunken memories make me smile incessantly because of how fun/funny they were. This one was not. That was definitely the worst one too because other times I've drank a lot it was much earlier in the day so by the night I was already sober and I could avoid a hangover. That night everything that could've gone wrong went wrong.

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Well, sort of.

In my twenties, I was essentially a scotch drinker; and I knew how much I could have over let's say a 2 hour period and not be significantly impaired.

One Christmas season, his employees had given him a bottle of an expensive blended and aged scotch.

We decided one night to open the bottle.  A few hours later after my second drink, I began to feel "not right."  By the time I was driven home, I was very dizzy and had to sit in a chair and read for about an hour (the same page over and over as I recall) before everything stopped spinning and I was able to go to bed.

No hangover the next day, but it was a very unpleasant experience.

That was in the middle of December and I was unable to stand the smell of alcohol for about 6 weeks.  (We always went out with friends on New Years and we did---but I drank nothing but water.)

Beware complex congeners.  (A minor chemical constituent, especially one that gives a distinctive character to a wine or liquor or is responsible for some of its physiological effects.)

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