Have you ever had to make yourself a birthday cake because no one else did?


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Didge Doo answered

Well, no.

We actually gave up on birthday cakes. When the number of candles is so high that the cake collapses beneath their combined weight, it takes much of the pleasure out of eating it. Who wants a handful of crumbs?

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No, but years ago I ordered a special custom cake. Yellow cake chocolate icing with yellow roses and my real name. It was beautiful

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Nope, can't say that I have.

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On my 16th birthday, I made one for myself but  I don't really throw birthday parties (but only for two people I know) or anything like that. I don't even go to my friends' parties. I prefer the peace and quiet.

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No, but I have made my own birthday cake because I wanted to.

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No, I'm past the age of birthday cakes. I remember when I was younger and we'd forgotten a male friends birthday cake, so we stuck a white household candle in a pork pie.

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Dear Roy Roy,

Well no, not yet but I am thinking about doing it this year...my birthday was last Friday, and Tiger and Didge collaboration came up with a wonderful birthday Q on Blurt.

Well the online cakes, flowers etc. looked SO good...actually I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks...you don't think it is too late, do you Roy Roy?

Anyway I am still pondering ideas...Cookie Roma talks about chocolate cake with strawberry preserves...that sounds SO nice, I may do that! (Someday...here...soon!) Meanwhile I am making apple cake today; sweet neighbor gifting apples from her tree...with whole wheat flour, sour cream, cinnamon...it's good...

(I will ask Otis for special birthday apple cinnamon 'shine)

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Cookie Roma answered

I've almost always made my own birthday cakes  I like it kind of weird  my mother used to make them this way and I still love it    It's simply a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but between the two layers, instead of having frosting there, I put strawberry preserves   

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No. I am really not a cake eater. Interesting that your asked this question today. My mother-in-la did today. We took her out to dinner, but she wanted everyone to come over afterwards for cake. I stopped by to watch her blow out the candles, but I needed to get home and take care of my dogs. And to be fair I didn't make or get my  one either thus year and her birthday was Saturday. I did manage to get her a cupcake. With Matthew and his aftermath, birthdays weren't high on my list.

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When my son was really little, I would make a cake for us to celebrate my birthday together. When he was older, he and I would bake it together and we would have fun doing it. It was a good tradition to have between us.

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Jann Nikka
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Danae Hitch
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No, I'm a May baby and he's an October baby. When he was really little, he didn't understand that when we had a birthday cake, it wasn't for him - it was for me!! But we worked through that. Little kids have trouble grasping that "time" concept.
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Roy! Never in my life will I make myself a birthday cake! This doesn’t make
sense! If you have nobody to celebrate with, simply do not do anything! I do
not mind people remembering the date and making me a surprise or something, but
if no one is around, I will just get on with life!

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No .. As an adult, I have never felt the need to celebrate my birthday like I felt the need as a child.  I think that is something you kind of get over as you mature.

I don't particularily care to expect attention to myself or attention to the fact that everyone else doesn't specialize a day traditionally would cause focus to be on me. It just doesn't mean that much to me.  I would far rather my presence on this earth being celebrated daily with general respect by my loved ones .. As I do with each and every one of them. I would prefer daily smiles .. Than cake once a year.

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Tom  Jackson
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I don't disagree with how you feel.

For me, I was raised by my parents, and primarily by my mother's hand I was led to believe that I had no value just because I existed.

In my 60's, I finally realized that was very very far from the truth.

Since then, my birthday is something that I really enjoy celebrating.

Of course, I'm only about 7 years older than when I first realized I had value, so perhaps my need is a childish one.

Thank you for being the catalyst for my getting a significant insight into myself.
Bikergirl Anonymous
I'm glad you have come to a better understanding of your value as an individual .. The description of your mother's ideal makes the hair on my neck stand straight up. As a mother, I would fiercly step up to defend any child's 'value'. Maybe not to her .. but, to me .. as a mother, a woman, an individual .. all children have value. A value beyond even our own comprehension. THEY are the future, they our own potential, they are hope, they are innocence, they are love personified.
Tom  Jackson
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It's really the duty of a parent to shine a spotlight on their children to let them know they have value for no other reason that just because they exist.

And of course, also because they have something to offer others.

Eventually, she admitted she probably didn't even want to be married, much less have children.

c'est la vie

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