i just ate grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch?


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I approve of your good grilled cheese sandwiches ....unless you cut them  the wrong way ...it has to be cut diagonally , cos I said so :)

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I was at a birthday party and had meatballs, pulled pork, chips, dip, soft pretzels, pasta salad and cake, gobs of cake. I'm in a food coma now.

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Ancient Hippy
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I'm back. I just went out for dinner. It seems like all I've been doing today is eating. It was soooooo good!!!
Yin And Yang
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Too FUNNY! I wonder if you would still have that appetite if you my dinner one time...... I am using the big hot thing right now and it keeps nagging at me!?!?! I dont know what it wants! But it keeps beeping three times!
Ancient Hippy
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I think that's your oven timer.
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Just got back from Fogo de Chao , the Brazilian steak house.

I love steak; 'nuff said.

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Lucky you Skunky! I missed lunch today but I'm gonna have homemade Italian sausage and mozzarella ravioli for dinner to make up for it.

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Just a lil' ol' never fails me microwave personal pizza from Wal-mart!

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