What food that others eat gives you "The Willies"?


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Chit'lins, headcheese, haggis and whatever that nastiness is that echooos said.

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Pickled beets. During holidays I am the one in charge of spooning them out of the jar and placing them on a serving dish thing. The juice stains everything severely, and the smell is horrid! It seems nobody in my family shares my distaste for them, though. Yuck!

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I enjoy most foods but I'd drawn the line at Hakari: An Icelandic dish of rotten, buried, fermented shark.


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When I was a kid my parents made three things that totally grossed me out: 

Duck Blood Soup

Prune Soup with Beef Neckbones

Blood Sausage

My mother always said "I cooked it, you're going to eat it or get a beating!" I just took the beating, I figured I would get one if I ate it and hurled anyway, so cut to the chase, beat me and get it over with!

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