What's for dinner, folks?


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Lasagna, garlic bread and a salad.

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Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
Hot tub can work.....if it has to. I'm going to take that as an invitation. However, you can let me know when you'll be home, and we'll make it work, accordingly.

Oh, the wife. You said nothing of a wife. Well! :O So, I will just have to try your wife's lasagna, since you claim it's so good. She knows I'm coming, right?
Mountain  Man
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I just finished eating and there is some left. I've mentioned Mrs. MM before. She knows you're coming for some leftovers.
Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
Okay, swell. Let me know the time, eh? What can I bring?
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Donald!!!!!! Your back!!!!!! 😆 Glad to have you back!

Tonight's dinner is what ever Yang makes..... I will be gone at life group. ☺

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Chicken and rice and fresh asparagus.

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I had takeout tonight. It was a roast beef panini with fried onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and smothered in gravy. French fries and coleslaw with it.

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Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
Oh, man. Take away the shrooms, and I'll partake with ya. So..................you don't ALWAYS have pizza, hmm? :O
Ancient Hippy
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The young lady that I dined with had pizza. She left me more than half of it and I plan on eating some later tonight and the rest tomorrow. I loves me some pizza!!!
Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
Well, you're one lucky man! Think of me whilst you're eating, eh? : < )
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It WAS -

Grilled Salmon with Soy-Teriyaki and honey Marinade, Brown Rice and Steamed Broccoli. With an Cold Molson Ice to wash it down . . . Then fore desert, some Soy Vanilla Trader Joe's Ice Cream with a little bit of Hershey's Chocolate syrup and a table spoon of Crunchy organic Peanut butter.

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