What is your favourite restaurant?


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Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
I do. Proud Canadian. I recommend this restaurant. It's very famous, in Canada. Quarter chicken, (white meat) and fries, and their famous dipping sauce. (my meal) Mmm mmmm good! They're famous for their ribs, too. I ALWAYS get the same thing, 'cause it's just so good. My favourite meal to have out.

Just beware, restaurant prices are really inflated, in Niagara Falls.

I hope you like our Canadian food. :)
Darik Majoren
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Well I do like Mayonnaise on my burgers (just not on my Fries) so I am half way there.
Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
I've barely heard of that, believe it or not. I get the feeling it's a more western Canada thing.
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It's a toss up between two local non chain restaurants. Angelos Hollow Inn with excellent Italian food, and The Wilderness Lodge with a great setting and the best wings. 

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Locally there are a couple establishments that I have yet to have a bad experience.

The Wooden Spoon

The Friendly Toast

Harvey's Bakery and Coffee shop

La Festa Pizza

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Toss up between two local establishments. JC Lobster Pot and Down the Hatch Unfortunately Down the Hatch was badly damaged during hurricane Matthew, and due to city permits and insurance hassles has yet to open back up. They are getting closer though!

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I know you are gonna think I am crazy but I base my "favorite" resturant on customer service. Chili's has the best customer service just about every time we went and just about every one we have tried. (Except for the last time we went. It sucked! The menu, the waitress, the customer service and the food!)

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