At what. Age was the last time u were carded to buy booze or go to a club??mine was 29


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Last week

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That was sooooo long ago, I can't remember.

Probably back when drivers licenses didn't have pictures on them. They were just a piece of cardboard with your age, birth date, hair color and eye color.

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Toni Pauze
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I was getting a six pack of beer for my brother at grocery store. Teenager ask for my ID. After I said are you serious? I laughed.
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It has been so long I can't remember.

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It's going to be going on for quite a while, I can imagine. I'll be 22 next month, so I've only been going to bars and clubs for a short while (and buying booze at the grocery store). And though the facial hair makes me look a little older, I still very much have a youthful face :) I'll have to wait until Father Time does his number on me a bit more.

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It's been so long ago, I don't remember. But probably 29 or 30.

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I was 52. My husband and I were out for dinner, and when I ordered a glass of wine they asked for ID. I just reached in my purse and my husband asked if they just carded everyone. The server said they were instructed to card everyone who looked under 40. At 52, I would take looking 40 as a compliment.

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I like messing with the carders head.... If I get carded I shock them as I squeel, blush, and act like they just totally made my day saying "Oh you are just the sweetest thing ever! That just really made my day that you would even ask. I am so old. I'm old enough to be your mama! I have kids older then you you sweet little angel!!!!" By the time I am done buttering them up they are the ones blushing! Lol! It gives them a story to tell their friends how they made this old ladies day! Lolololol!!!!

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I was in a bar in Thousand Oaks. I was (around) 40, I was with an Australian buddy who was (around) 30. He was balding, I was rather long-haired. My pal was ok, I got carded.

Americans do not understand British driving licences, most have never seen a passport. It was a bit gloomy in there, I accept, but persuading the barkeep that I was well over 21 (and not a cop) proved more difficult than I expected.

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