Should I eat something even if it tastes disgusting?


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I'd say no. Just as long as you are aquiring all the nutrients/ vitamins that your body requires.

Having said that, perhaps that disgusting food could be prepared another way to make it more appealing to you.

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If it's good for your health? You should.

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If you’ve already ate all your nutritional needs, no. Over feeding yourself is just as wasteful as throwing it out at that point. So portion correctly, take it out in a box, or make sure it’s composted.

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Why would you want to . . .

I'm not entirely sure of the Health benefits of Beef liver, but I know I would partake due to how bad it tastes to me.

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Well that depends. If you want to eat a dish which is
unhealthy and it tastes disgusting, then you should not eat it. However, if a
food that is beneficial for your health does not taste good, I think that you
should try to eat it. For example, medicines sometimes taste really bad, but
you have to take it.

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But I've been having this serious issue where I can't eat because the food that I try to eat tastes really really bad to me and if I try to force it I vomit. ... To get a new G.P. Soon. I don't even know how to feel and it's not a question of enjoying food. I want to eat! But my brain won't let me or something. Top.

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