Would you like some pancakes with that syrup?


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Sure! I'd love some pancakes with my syrup. Just a short stack though. Thanks Joyce ! Scrapple goes good with it also.

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I'm gonna sit out with RefreshMe.  Do you have a cup of coffee? 🤔

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Willie B. good answered

I would love some maple syrup with my pancakes also a side of bacon.............hold the scrapple please!!

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Yes Joyce i love pancakes with syrup I'll take some with side three pieces of crispy bacon , three link sausage . Sounds like a great meal.  Thank you for your Question :) :)

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Yin And Yang
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Not me... what is it?
Firstname Refreshme lastname
Like Maple trees the sap is tapped from a Birch tree. A little milder tasting. Still needs to be rendered down like Maple syrup. Drank some from the tap bucket. Refeshing taste with very little sweetness until it gets rendered of course.
Ha ha...drinking it fresh from the tree was on my bucket list
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
Oh how neat!!!! You just inspired me to try a taste! I wanna drink from a tree one time to! 🤗

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