Can I Drink Coconut Milk Or Eat Coconut If I Am Lactose Intolerant?


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Yes, coconut contains no dairy.
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You can eat coconut as well as drink coconut milk, since it is a natural substitute for milk. Coconut oil is okay to as well as coconut butter.
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Yes you can but soy milk,rice milk or almond milk would be better.
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All of them are wholesome it is up to the individual which taste suits their palet..
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Yes if you think about it, because diary milk is for the calf or baby cow not really for human consumption, someone decided we could drink it so there you have it.
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It's very important to treat the signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance appropriately. The actual remedies for lactose intolerance could be very distinct however their primary cause may be the removal, or at best control, of the symptoms of lactose intolerance. On the list of ways to treat it is to find additional sources of lactase or even begin taking many vitamin supplements to obtain all the needed nutritional vitamins, nutrition and mineral deposits. In some instances the individual was forced to add to the usage of milk products bit by bit, and so the human body can deal with lactose in a similar manner, that can hopefully clear away the signs of lactose intolerance. It leads us into a lactose intolerance diet regime that may really help the particular impacted individuals if he or she stay with it effectively.

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