How Do You Rig A Taug Fishing Line?


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To rig a fishing line, follow the given instructions:

Put the end of the fishing line through the eye of the hook, then let the end of the line go around the line back to the reel three times. Insert the end of the line into the loop that is made between the eye of the hook and the twists. Put the end of the line through the loop that was made in the preceding step, and then pull it tightly. Clip off the extra line that remains over the knot, preferably; leave around 1.8" of it.

To make a drop shot rig, follow the given steps:

Use a Palomar knot to tie a drop shot hook on the line, around 18 inches over the end, in such a way that the hook should be perpendicular to the line. Tie a drop shot weight at the tag end of the line. Insert small finesse bait on the hook.

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