Why Do We Need Fats And Oils?


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Thank you for asking. Quite simply, YES!  Fats are extremely important to our bodily functions, particularly, fats provide sources of energy that the body can utilize up to it's limit, hence the need to monitor fat intake.  Healthy fats from the omega family, found in fish and nuts, are a great source of healthy energy that we need to survive.  Healthy fats are literally food for the brain.  Vegetarians need to be especially mindful of this as they must be careful to select foods that contain these healthy fats.  That being said, many meat eaters get plenty of fat and should be mindful to incorporate healthy fats (fish/nuts) and skip the burger every now and then.
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Because they are kinds of providing energy in our body, but eat less as we can . And there are some kinds of omega which can replace them as well .
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Main and important food components are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals. As fats are lipids are part of our diet and are one of the building block of body.
Lipids are main component of the 'cell membrane' and cell membrane is the limiting boundary for the cytoplasm of cell. Fats also plays important role in the co-ordination of the body as they contribute to 'steroid hormones' synthesis (such as androsteron, estradiol etc). Lipids also plays important role in food storage and provide energy in the emergency or during heavy physical stress or exercise. Lipids are also important in the insulation of body ( heat insulation). This is the reason why do we need fats and oil?
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You need fats If your American

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