Is Lactic Acid Only Found In Milk?


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NO. It naturally occurs in the mouth as soon as a by product of the bacteria that cause tooth decay (lactic acid is what causes holes in the teeth).

Lactic acid also gets produced in the muscles, as a result of chemical processes in the absence of sufficient oxygen (anaerobic exercise). It's what makes the muscles feel achy when you've overdone it.

If the question was thinking of only food sources, lactic acid is a byproduct of making many milk products, including yogurt, sour cream, cheese. BUT it can also result as a byproduct of fermentation in creating certain other foods, especially molasses, wine, starch, gherkins (American pickles), sauerkraut and even vodka. All of these may be dairy free but still have lactic acid in them; hence compatible with a vegan diet. Synthetic lactic acid is also used as a food preservative, in some foods.
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Lactic acid is the next big thing to come on the market , it will be used to help women who have infertility problems the doctors wont tell you this tho as they might lose a lot of money when it gets realised what the affect it has , it does work and ive been it the breeding game for a long time
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Yes it is found in the milk because it is one of the acid that the milk can produce.
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Lactobacillus is a bacteria first identified in milk products (hence the name), but it can occur elsewhere. It's considered Vegan to eat products that contain it.

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