Are There Golden Corral Restaurants In The Minneapolis/St. Paul Area?


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Unfortunately not, the nearest Golden Corral restaurant is about 3 hours away in Wisconsin. Golden Corral is opening new stores all the time however, so keep an eye on the website for new restaurants which may appear soon in this area -
Almost 40 years after the first Golden Corral restaurant was opened, it has become American's number one buffet and grill. Golden Corral focuses primarily on its wide ranging buffet which features an extensive choice of foods which change regularly. They open all day with different buffet choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Examples from the dinner buffet include excellent quality steaks, seafood, shrimp, and chicken. The breakfast buffet is also very popular with a huge range of products including omelettes, pancakes, fruit, French toast and cooked options. The desert buffet is very comprehensive and has something for everyone (a great way to make the kids smile); selections include breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream, pancakes, sweets for decoration and jellies.

Most Golden Corral restaurants have moved away from the traditional order from the menu way altogether, although a small number of restaurants will offer this alongside the buffet. Golden Corral also offers a take away service in many of their restaurants.
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