What's The Result Of A Mummified Hot Dog?


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Oh, I don’t know if I like the sound of that – what’s a mummified hot dog, anyway? It sounds like a battered sausage gone wrong!

Is It Possible To Mummify A Hot Dog?
Not technically, no – by definition, a mummy is a human or animal body that has been preserved through exposure to chemicals, extremely cold temperatures, or very dry air.

A hot dog isn’t a human or an animal, so it can’t actually be made into a mummy.

What If Mummification Techniques Were Used On A Hot Dog?
I guess you could try embalming, which is what the Egyptians did when they buried royalty. This process involved taking out the organs, treating the body with preservatives, and wrapping the corpse in linen.

Hot dogs are full of chemicals anyway, so I suppose you could wrap one in linen and call it a mummy.  It would start to decompose eventually, as there’s nothing in the meat to hold it together – it’s already all blended up.

If you did mummify a hot dog, it would probably dry up, shrivel, change color, and start to fall apart.

A “mummified” hot dog would just look like a dog turd wrapped in toilet paper though, so your efforts would go to waste.

You can mummify a dog that’s hot, but you can’t mummify a hot dog!
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The hot dog should be smaller in size, and different in color. The moisture should be sucked out so it's shriveled and dry, which means there will also be a change in weight.

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