What Types Of Milk, Apart From Cow's Milk, Do People Drink?


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There are countries, however, where the people are accustomed to using milk from other types of animals. Goat's milk, for example, is popular in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Latin America and in parts of Asia and Africa. In Arctic regions people use milk from horses and reindeer. Sheep milk is popular in Spain and Italy. In India and the Philippine Republic the use of water-buffalo milk is not uncommon, and in South America llama milk is used.

No matter what type of milk is used, however, it can be dangerous. This is because it is easily contaminated by disease-producing bacteria and is an ideal medium in which they can rapidly multiply. Diseases such as tuberculosis, undulant fever, typhoid fever, septic sore throat, scarlet fever and diphtheria can be spread by milk. So, if you use milk, it is important that you use only milk that is clean. When you bring it home put it in a cold place. This is necessary so as to prevent bacteria from multiplying too rapidly.

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