Grams Of Sugar In Shot Of Vodka?


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Pure vodka contains zero sugar, although contains 56 calories per shot. Flavored vodkas contain an estimated 69 calories per shot, with an additional 5 more calories with every additional shot. The calories in vodka come from the alcohol, so if you use a sugar-rich mixer such as juice, this is where the sugar will come from.

• Vodka is a drink that originated in Russia although is widely enjoyed throughout the world today. However, there are many ways to enjoy this delicious, smooth drink. It can be enjoyed in numerous ways: While some prefer to drink it straight on the rocks, most people find it too strong and therefore use mixers such as soda, tonic water, or juice.
• You should eat foods that are high in carbohydrates if you are planning on having a long night of vodka drinking in mind. Not only do carb-rich foods such as pasta, bread, and pizza make ideal complements to vodka, but it is also good to soak up the alcohol so you don't get intoxicated too fast. Drinking vodka on an empty stomach can result to getting extremely intoxicated, blacking out, and intense hangover the next day.
• If you are peer-pressured into taking vodka by shots, always remember to follow this up with a chaser because the alcohol content of vodka makes it more potent than other alcoholic beverages. Coca-cola makes a great chaser, as well as a whole glass of water, and will also help to reduce your hangover.
• To enjoy the pure taste of a great bottle of vodka, the best mixer to use is tonic water which will help you appreciate the vodka flavour for what it really is. Soda and juice mixers taste great but dilute the real flavour of vodka. But another great advantage to using tonic water is that it also has the least calories.

Vodka can be enjoyed with friends and family, just remember to drink it moderately.

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