Does Fish Oil Cause Vaginal Odor?


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There are no major indications that fish oil causes a vaginal smell. Its main use in this particular area is that it will help to keep the vagina moist which will prevent any arising painful damage. It is also advised that you use artificial lubricant if this is a problem you are suffering from.

Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help to keep your heart healthy as well as aid in reducing cancer and improving the state of your joints. Also, it is generally known to people as 'brain food' as it is meant to help improve your mental state. The contents of fish oil are meant to prevent your arteries hardening as well as reducing inflammation. It is also supposed to be very good for the heart, so eating plenty of fish will improve the condition of your heart. Fish contains a lot of protein and lacks saturated fat, so it is important that you add fish to your diet.

However, there are some negatives related to fish oil that need to be considered. For example, high doses of fish oil could increase your chances of a stroke as well as bleeding. In addition, there is a possibility that any fish you eat may be contaminated with toxins such as dioxins and mercury.
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It does in me!  I've been looking for answers for years.  I kept thinking their was something wrong with me.  I finally figured it out.  If I go off fish oil for a while it goes away.  As soon as I go back on it, it comes back within about 8 hours after taking it.
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The fish oil omega three excrete out through urine. The smell you are feeling is coming from your urethra not vagina as urine contains metabolite of omega 3. If you feel that smell is from vagina then also note the discharge. If discharge is there then take proper medicine.
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Yes, absolutely, eating fish does cause a fishy scent in most women.  This is not necessarily unpleasant, and it is not unhealthy.  It is because fish contains trimethylamine, which is what gives fish their fishy smell... And eating fish triggers the trimethylamine odor in most women.  

However, bacterial or viral vaginitis (vaginal infection) can also cause the odor, so pay attention.  If it occurs on the days you eat fish, or the day after, no big deal.  (And some people say that prepping the fish with lemon, or drinking citrus or pineapple juice afterwards, can cut the odor somewhat.)

If the odor has no apparent relationship to the days you eat fish, get to a doctor.  Let her figure out if it's bacterial, yeast, or something else.  Be sure to tell her what kind of menstrual products you use and how often you change them.

Here are some interesting answers from another site:
Some poor souls, female and male, are afflicted with a syndrome from birth which makes them smell fishy.  This isn't your problem, but you might be interested:
It turns out that more women have that condition than was originally thought:
And it turns out that the scent may have an important pheromonal function.  Pheromones are chemicals (some of which we consciously smell, and some which just work on our unconscious) which signal sexual readiness and unreadiness.  This article may be too technical for you, but here:  "Trimethylamine has been reported to occur in human menstrual blood and
in the anal gland of the red fox, implying some pheromonal function."
All about every vaginal infection, a/k/a vaginitis:
Hope this helps!

~~ Ankhorite
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Fish oil should not cause vaginal odor, but there are some foods that are strong is smell and will be released in sweating. If you have this odor, may be due to yeast infection.  And don't believe people that it is a lack of bathing. This is so untrue. Sometimes soaking in tub will make it worse as it messes with your ph level causing more infection, yeast infection.  If this smell is so obvious, sounds like you have a yeast infection and there are simple cures for this.  Ask your pharmacist
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Don't over do it, as the answer is Yes. Me, Am married to a Pilipino and there are times when I feel like I am making love to a fish, could be the soy sauce they use when cooking their fish.

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