What Breed Of Dog Is Eaten In Korea?


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The type of dog eaten in Korea is known as the Nureongi and is a type of dog native to the peninsula. It is purposely bred for consumption in much the same way that cattle is - although the eating of dog meat is still a very controversial topic, both inside and outside Korea.
It is important to note that, whilst Koreans deem the Nureongi breed to be suitable for eating, other breeds of dog (that are considered pets) are held in high regard.

The breed of dog eaten in Korea

Nureongi or Hwangu are the names used to refer to the type of dog eaten in Korea. The words reflect the yellow coat that the breed usually has, and the direct translation of its name is simply 'yellow one'.

A more colloquial and offensive term used in relation to these dogs is dong-gae which means 'dung dogs'. This phrase is used because it is not uncommon to see the dogs eating their own feces whilst in captivity.

The practice of eating dog meat is actually not unique to Korea, and has appeared in the history of cuisines around the globe. In modern times though, it has effectively died out in most places, leaving countries such as China, Vietnam,and Switzerland as some of the few remaining places where one might be able to enjoy a dog stew.

Controversy of eating dog meat

Every time South Korea hosts a major sporting event or political conference, the issue of farming and eating dogs is raised. Animal rights campaigners are keen to see the practice eradicated and are often vocal about their views.

During the Summer Olympics of 1988 in Seoul, the Korean government took steps to try and suppress the practice for fear of negative press reports, and the issue was raised again during South Korea's hosting of the football World Cup in 2002.

In a recent survey, it is suggested that around 60% of Koreans under the age of thirty would not even entertain the thought of eating dog meat, which rather dispels the myth that this practice is as common in Korea as is eating beef or pork in the western world. Nevertheless, there do still exist a considerable number of people who argue that there is nothing wrong with eating an animal that has been purposely bred for consumption.
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THe dog is called "nureongi" in Hangul-- (the language of Korea-) I lived there this past year and yes they eat dog! The dogs are brought to market on trucks-much like we bring cattle or chickens. You can see the cages and the dogs are looking out at you.  I saw a bunch of them in cages on a side street behind a butcher shop in Seoul.  They were dirty and crammed in- A sad state of affairs.  The restaurant I went to that served explained to me that they must discolse the information to you that they serve dog and to know that it is there and available.  The older folks love it and were raised on it.  It is no different than us in the states.  We see cows and pigs on a farm, running and grazing, and know that someday they are dinner.  This is cultural.  Koreans are known for their high quality, low fat, very healthy food that is served daily.  The bakerys' serve very light not greasy- low in sugar- pastries etc.  95% of the country walks-- and there is very low obesity- although this generation has a higher rate because they have been wesernized.  The culture is fascinating and the people are wonderful. It is a delicacy and not like you have a drive through.  THe dogs are a mixed breed (look like a corgy- with short legs-- and perhaps a beagle??)
Are we any crueler in this country.  These people do not waste and live off the land in a healthy non consumption way.  Do not focus on the fact they may eat dog-- Beef is super expensive-- Most of them-- eat pork- fish right off the boat-- lots of greens and low fat and carbs!! GO VISIT-- IT is a wonderful country-- Just do not eat the dog~
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Aren't they called 'nureongi'?I can't find what the specific breed is...but that's the main one used for consumption.I'm doing a paper on it.
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Eating dog is absolutely horrifying and disgusting. But saying it's any worse than eating lamb or cow or pig doesn't make any sense. You can cuddle any of those animals and all of them are capable of love. They all have a personality and a right to live. There are parts of the world feel eating a pig or a cow is disgusting and absurd.
"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."  ~Paul McCartney
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Dog meat has been outlawed in South Korea since 1984. But since laws were, unfortunately, meant to be broken, it still occurs. Gaegogi is the generic name for "dog meat". Different dog breeds are used. Visit Type in "dog meat" in the search box and you can find information on its' consumption in various countries.  
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Eating dogs should be illegal regardless,to me there companions not food!!!!
I hate anyone who eats dogs or cats or anything you can cuddle!!!
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Bah! Whatever, anything can be food. Whats the big deal, its not like there eating your dogs, I love my dogs, and if someone ate one I would be rather peeved, but I'm not going to freak out on an entire peoples culture, because I think they should not eat what you believe is cute and cuddly, Grow up.
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I thought it was the fellipimos who ate dog meat... Eitherway, that is still mest up...
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I'm offended. Not all koreans eat dogs. I don't know why people always connect dog meat to Koreans. I have two dogs and I have never eaten a dog meat before and get very upset and offended when someone else me those stupid questions. Eating dolphins are okay? What about horse? There are other countries that eat certain animal because it was their only source of food that's available.
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Although I view this as disgusting, it would be ignorant to say that this is wrong. In many different countries, many different animals are consumed- Dolphins, horses, cats, dogs, kangaroos, etc. These animals were plentiful enough, and really the only food source that a certain country may have had. In the U.S, we view anything other than what we consider "livestock" morally wrong to eat. But it doesn't matter what we think. We don't live in a place like Korea. We don't have to eat what anyone else eats. We can dislike it, but we have to respect it. Respect and dislike of something are two different things- If you dislike something, that's okay, everyone has their own views. But respect also needs to be considered, as every culture has their own beliefs. You do not force your beliefs on to others. THAT, is wrong.
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I disargree with Nick Beaulieu and  Kimberly Barron.It's not natural that that dog is called "Man's best friend" . They are unlike lamb,cow or pig.They are sentient creatures. They have emotions and feelings just like human . Anyone who has had a dog can tell you that. They display great happiness when you come home, sad when you leave, and their feelings are hurt when they are scolded crows, horses and pigs don't do that. They are trusting on us as their friend so the same thing we should do that to them.

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