What Is Latvia's National Dish?


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Latvia is a country in the North-central Europe on the Baltic Sea. The climate in this region is on the harsher side and the soil too is of inferior quality. This means that Latvians have to work extra hard to make available food for their families and themselves. Thus, food has a great value in the psyche of Latvians. In fact, bread is of considerable value in the staple diet of Latvia.

The essence of Latvian cooking is the cuisine with very few spices or none at all. Imported spices are usually pricey and are available only in main cities. The food of Latvia is rich in calories. Latvia cooking usually consists of cheap ingredients like cheap cuts of meat such as bacon or pork hocks and dried peas. Meat and fish are a prominent factor in the Latvian diet. The Latvian food is positively influenced by Swedish, German and Russian cuisine. Split-peat soup made of peat is the national dish of Latvia.
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