What Is Finland's National Dish?


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Actually, one of my best friends is from Finland, his name is Pekka , and it was relayed to me that the national dish is Sauteed reindeer thinly sliced and served over mashed potatoes with cowberry preserves. It is called Poronkaristys and is almost always served with a side of pickled cucumber and Kossu lingonberry. By the way, Kossu is Finlands nationally recognized Vodka and most popular drink, available in six unusual flavors. Kossu salmiakki is a licorice flavored liqueur very similar to Yagermeister but ten times better so I am told. Also, Pekka tells me that in Finland, everyone saunas, the whole family, and sometimes neighbors come over to visit and take a sauna with you while visiting. Interesting country, very laid back attitudes on some things.
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Finland has a rich variety of cuisines. It has deep European and Russian influence. The food is healthy and consumed fresh. Some of the most traditional dishes include, Mammi, which is a malt porridge, Kalakukko is a fish dish made inside a loaf of bread, Lihapullat, authentic Finnish meatballs, soups such as Mykyrokka and Hernekeitto. Finnish food is famous all over the world and mostly specialises in desserts such as korvapuustit, Runeberg's tarts, Salmiakki and Tervaleijona. Finnish nationalists enjoy their traditional beer during meals called as Sahti. Finland is also very famous for its breads such as Maitorieska, Pulla, Rieska and Svartbrod.
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I'm 75 years old man from countryside of Finland and the national food is pork blimp sauce and unpeeled potatoes. Läskisoosi ja kuoriperunat.

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