How Do You Use Boiling Or Baking To Sterilize A Soiled Surgical Instrument?


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Before using any surgical instrument, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the equipment is clean and totally germ-free. This is because the instrument would be accessing the insides of the body and the slightest existence of germs can cause an infection to occur at the place where the surgical equipment was used. In a post-operative scenario, where there has been loss of blood, and the body is already weakened, the chances of an infection happening are very high.

The best way to ensure that surgical equipments are totally sterilized and sanitized is to either place them in boiling water, or bake them. Boiling or baking them is the best way to ensure sterilization simply because these germs do not have high resistance to heat. Boiling or baking a soiled surgical instrument ensures that any existing micro-organisms on it are completely destroyed, and is therefore a universally-followed sanitization measure in medical facilities.

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