How Can You Tell If Your Food Has Gone Off?


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All different types of foods usually come with sell by and use by dates which are usually a good guide to telling you when something is going off. Sometimes it may be slightly wrong and go off just before but generally it is correct most of the time. Certain foods you can tell when something is going off either by looking at it to see if the color is slightly different, or see if there is any mold growing on it. Things like bread go stale and hard so you can tell if the bread has gone off. With dairy products such as milk, the smell will be nasty and will start to go lumpy in some cases.

Some foods it doesn't matter if they are a day or two over the date such as a biscuit or such but for dairy or meat, you should not attempt to eat it unless it has been frozen. If you freeze something, check for it to be fully defrosted and then check to see if it is OK.

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