How Long Does Whiskey Stay In Your System?


7 Answers

John Thomsen Profile
John Thomsen answered
Depends on several factors but usually no longer than 24 hours, especially if you drink tons of water.
suzi katz Profile
suzi katz answered
Depends on the amount you drank. It's a shot/drink and hour.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Traces will remain for a couple weeks
zachary  gower Profile
zachary gower answered
2, 3 days at most.... As long as you drink at least 3 glasses of water and piss a lot... Lol good luck
beckah beniot Profile
beckah beniot answered
Wait like 5 days at the  most way longer than 12 hours or even 24 yeah give it a few days or hey don't drink right before a drug test smart one

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