I'm Trying To Bake Cookies. What Is The Meaning Of "Cream Together Butter, Sugars And Salt"?


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Baking is really good fun. Its fairly simple, you can take your time, fill the house with a gorgeous aroma and have something tasty to eat at the end.
Cookies are a very popular baked product and you can choose to make them from scratch or to use one the pre-prepared cookie doughs available. But trust me a home-made recipe is much more rewarding (and healthy).

To cream butter, sugars and salts together basically means just to mix them. It is easier with an electric whisk in a metal or porcelain bowl. When the butter is soft and mixed with the other ingredients it takes on a rich creamy texture.

Try to mix it well so that there are no lumps of butter or sugars clumped together. It will have a slightly grainy texture but should otherwise be smooth.

Remember to sift your flour before adding it as well - this also improves the texture!


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