I Have Been Prescribed Warferin. Are There Any Food Interactions I Should Be Aware Of?


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I have been on Warfarin for several years now. What they tell you is that there are foods that are higher and lower in vitamin K, and some of them factor in how high or low your INR/PT levels (numbers) are.
Asparagus, for instance is higher in vit. K, than say corn. They tell you to eat a steady diet, and stay consistent. Say you go in one week to the Coumadin clinic and your number is 2.1,which should be in range, then the next week you go in and it's 3.5, they are going to ask if you have done or eaten anything different that might make your numbers change.
I eat salad 3 days a week, and some sort of veggie every night. When I eat 4 or 5 salads my numbers change, and then they have to readjust your dosage because you could be too high, or too low, and if you are high, you stand a chance of a bleed, and if it is too low, then you stand the chance of another clot developing. If that is indeed what you are taking it for.
Now, just because that is what I eat, it does not mean that that is what you should eat. Every person is different, and it takes time to get to the right dosage, and even then, they sometimes change all of it.
Do not consume alcohol. It can react with your levels. They say if you are going to consume it, keep it on an even keel. The same thing all the time, and do not lie to them about any consumption. Just remember, keep everything as close to a routine as you can, it doesn't have to be the same thing every week, just know what foods have higher and lower levels of vitamin K. I hope this has helped you a little, and live life, don't be afraid of every little thing that might come up. Good luck.

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