What Are The Uses And Ill Effects Of Betel Nuts?


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The use of betel nut or areca nut is associated with a number of cultures in the East, especially India. The betel nut comes from the betel palm tree. It was synonymous with the Indian culture and still is in certain parts of the country. The betel nut is given great importance during traditional weddings and religious ceremonies. The use of the nut after a meal is said to work as a digestive, but, research has revealed otherwise.

The betel nut is a mild euphoric stimulant. It has a high level of psychoactive alkaloids. The betel nut is a human carcinogen and exposes the consumer to high risk of oral cancer. 50% of the oral cancers thus recorded are also found to be malignant. The chewing of the betel nut is addictive and stains the mouth, tongue and teeth and even the surroundings that many use as a public spittoon.

The chewing of the betel nut is also associated with Oral Sub-mucous Fibrosis or OSF. The indulgence has a number of negative effects connected with it, but no known benefit. The educated in India are now aware of the consequences of chewing on betel nut and are doing away with the practice, taking to the chewing of cardamom or cinnamon after food, instead.
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Betel Nut
biological name=ARECA CATECHU
A psychoactive drug of Asia popular in Pakistan,Bangladesh,South east Asia.
Betel is chewed in New Zealand and Australia mostly by the immigrants from India.People chew it for stress reduction, for feeling some sort of strength or may be heightened awareness.
It consists of three alkaloids:

Betel Nuts are chewed regularly by almost 10% of the people in the world .It is thought by the people that it improves and stimulates the digestion.
The specific arecal alkaloids involves in the actions on the brain, cardiovascular system, lungs, gut and the pancreas.

The effects of chronic betel nuts by the people are as diverse as that of smoking.

Betel nuts and oral cancer:-
They are responsible for phayrngeal cancer(back throat cancer).But not laryngeal cancer(cancer of voice box).Research published in the International Journal of Cancer.

Betel Nuts Side Effects:-
Excessive use can cause
palpitations, warm sensation, increased pulse rate,
Prolonged usage is responsible for
oral cancer
Regular usage cause
decay of gums and teeth and stain.

Betel nuts are not recommended for those who got heart problems.

Betel Nut Chewing And Transgenerational effects

Increase the risk of early manifestation of metabolic syndrome x in human off springs.

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