What Type Of Nuts And Beans Are Highest In Protein?


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Nuts are a great source of proteins and vitamins. Nuts may be classified into to categories, high-protein nuts and low-protein nuts. The high protein nuts are almonds with 17% protein, Brazil nut with 16% protein, Cashew nut with 30 % protein, pine nuts with 31.1% protein and pistachio with 22 %protein. From among them pistachios and cashew nuts are the best choice since they are comparatively high in protein while having a low fat content at the same time. Most beans are also a rich source of protein. From among them the highest is tofu, half a cup of which has 20 grams of proteins, black beans, pinto and most lentils have 17-10 grams per half cup each, soy beans have 14 grams per half cup and split peas have 8 grams in every half cup. Hope this helps you.

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