Is Tea Very Bad For Health, Because It Contains Tannic Acid, Which Is Very Harmful For The Intestines?


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There is much debate between scientists about whether tea contains tannic acid. I have heard that tea has no tannic acid at all. As some people suggest tea consists of tannin instead of tannic acid. With green tea having more than ordinary black tea.
Tannin can affect you because it binds to proteins affecting your protein intake.
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Too much of anything is bad... I drink 2 cups of tea a day.. More than that is bad,..
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I think tea is good for our health until unless the dose is in limits .. Not more than 3-4 small cups per day
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The level of tannic acid in your tea very much depends on how long you leave it to brew before pouring. Unless you leave it to get really bitter, tea is not harmful to your gut.
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No its not bad to drink. I personally love tea and if I believe that its not harmful.

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