What Is Good Tds Level In Drinking Water?


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As per Indian water quality standards the range of tds is 30 - 280. If the water is having the above tds then its drinkable. If it is less than or greater than that its not drinkable.

Generally all the packaged bottles(Bislery) will have tds near to 30. Whereas the packaged cans(20 ltrs) will have a tds of 100-200. Which is aso good to drink.
If your available water(bore or well) water tds is much higer that is greater than 500tds then you can go for RO system. RO has two membranes, one reduces 50% of tds and other reduces 90% of tds.

If the tds of your water is < 200 then better to take UV system purifier. Which will give the output water with same tds by killing bacteria.
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TDS means total dissolved solid (organic and inorganic). In India tds range should be 30-280 mg/liters. water is contaminated by many metals like iron, calcium, magnesium ,sodium, potassium and heavy metals like mercury, arsenic. Arsenic and Fluoride is injurious for health as well as but 10 milligram of arsenic in 1 liters is safe as well as if fluoride is 0.7 and 1.2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of drinking water to help prevent tooth decay. But its excess amount may cause of cancer. Some other contamination like iron, calcium, magnesium are vital minerals required for our body but their excess amount are causes of metal poisoning in body, stone in kidney and so on. SO, if water those tds is less than 30 mg/litres then there are lack of vital minerals in water. But it is excess it may causes of many disease.
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TDS is a measurement for the Taste of Water. But still, we can see it as a quality level. The lower the better but as per the government numbers, there is not any fixed minimum number for TDS level.

But it should be 80-200 mg/l

But decreasing the number will decrease the numbers of health mineral from your drinking water.

You can know more about TDS Level and how you can check TDS level at home. Source -

You can select a water purifier as per the TDS level and quality of water through this source.
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Water contain essential minerals for health, so reducing TDS to a low value may be harmful for health if using loe TDS water regularly for a long time. TDS for our house purifier should be set to a range 70 - 130.
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Dear sir ,
                     I want to know about tds . What is the good tds of my body in the water what I can drink .  I must to tell you I am living in India, punjab state
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Generally TDS level in packaged drinking water will be between 27 to 35.
As per WHO even 600 TDS also acceptable for normal human being. But taste will not be that good.So if you are using RO machine in your home then you can set TDS to max 70.
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The lower the TDS the better.  It is always recommended to be lower than 50 ppm (possibly between 10 to 25) for ideal drinking water that also helps as a catalyst in your body's metabolism.  TDS much higher in purified water will not kill you but makes certain organs work harder, like your kidneys.
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In my home  Ro filter tds 25 to 33 it is good for me
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I understand from all the research paper around the world the Maximum Acceptable TDS of drinking water can be upto 300
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The Normal TDS level of drinking water is variable in various areas of the world. According to The UNO health section,  water containing TDS ranging from 60-300 is best drinking water.

Water containing more than 300 level of TDS is harmful and as it gradually increases it becomes more harmful as it increases.

Good water purification systems are available in Pakistan that have no need any kind of installation and are very easy to use.

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