What Is The Best Way To Make Pickle Shots?


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A 'pickle shot' is the term used to describe an alcoholic beverage that involves 'chasing' a shot of distilled spirit (commonly whiskey or vodka) with a shot of pickle brine, or a bite out of an actual pickle.

There are a number of different methods of doing a pickle shot, but here are some of my favorites:

How to make pickle shots? A pickle shot falls into the 'chaser' category of shots - which means it involves an initial, potent shot of spirit, followed up by a non-alcoholic beverage or food.

The only rule to pickle shots is that they must contain pickles somewhere in the process, but the rest of it is down to personal preference.

The most common method of doing a pickle shot is to quickly drink a short measure of whiskey, and to then follow it up with the same measurement of pickle brine or juice.

The tastes of the two liquids are thought to complement each other, but the type of whiskey chosen is down to personal preference.

A popular variation on the pickle shot is to take a bite out of an actual pickle, rather than drink the brine.

If you want to 'spice up' your pickle shot, you may want to replace a regular dill pickle for something hot like a pickled jalapeno.

The most interesting take on the pickle shot that I've ever come across involves licking a line of Gatorade Glacier Freeze powder off your hand before downing the shot, although a 'zingy' powder like sherbet could be substituted to make things even more interesting.
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You will need:

- a jar of dill pickles
- any type of whisky (I recommend Jack Daniels or Crown Royal)
- some shot glasses

1) Do a shot of whiskey
2) Chase with a shot or a half shot of juice drained from the jar of pickles


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