Why We Need To Drink Milk?


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Well, milk is a source of calcium and vitamin d. Mind you there are many foods that have been found to contain the same nutrients. Before, it was believed that milk was the ony source but now they have found calcium in a lot of dark green vegetables, like brocolli, and mushrooms are very high in vitamin D. Used to be believed that the only source of vitamin D was from milk or sun exposure. Today, with modern research, they are discovering a lot of new info about the foods we eat and their benefits. Milk is a good source of vitamins, but is not necessary in your diet as long as you replace or substitute with proper diet high in nutrients
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Kelly answered
Milk has vitamin d which makes your bones stronger and also have you heard that milk makes you sleep better, well IT DOES! Actually warm milk helps you sleep, its healthy, delicious , and use full for a good nights sleep.
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It is an important source of calcium which helps our teeth and bones to grow..
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For the calcium in the milk to make our bones stronger .

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