How Did The Pineapple Get Its Name?


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When you look at a pineapple you may think you are looking at one fruit.
Actually, the pineapple is a group of tightly packed small fruits! Each of these small fruits resembles a small apple. The central core is the stem on which each individual small fruit is borne. And because the whole fruit somewhat resembles a pine cone, it has been given the name pineapple.

The Spaniards found the pineapple growing in South America during their first explorations and brought it back to Europe. For many years after that, rich Europeans carefully grew the pineapple in private greenhouses, and it was considered a great luxury. As transportation developed, it became possible for pineapples to be grown in the tropics and shipped to northern markets, so greenhouse-grown plants are now rare.

Today, pineapple fields exist in many parts of the world, including the West Indies, Florida, Northern Africa, Hawaii, the Azores, and Australia.The pineapple plant grows about 1 meter high and bears its fruits at any time of the year. After the plant is mature, new shoots develop below it for the next crop. A single plant may live and bear fruit for many years. The leaves of the pineapple plant contain a fiber that can be made into cloth.
Pineapples are rarely raised from seed: they are grown from cuttings. These must be planted in thoroughly drained soil. Sandy soil only a few centimeters deep is suitable. Sometimes sheds are built over the plants to protect them from possible frost or too much heat.

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