Can You Cook Italian Sausage On A George Foreman Grill?


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Cooking Italian sausage (or salsiccia) on a Foreman Grill is a great idea. In fact, the Foreman Grill is able to cook pretty much any kind of meat, with the added benefit that it is a healthier cooking method than some of the alternatives.

Why is the George Foreman Grill a healthier way to cook?

When using the grill, the fat that drips from the meat as it cooks will simply run away as the sausage sizzles, making the meat much healthier than if it were fried.

This is because the special grooves in the grill encourage the fat to run away and drain into a tray that is often supplied with the grill, instead of allowing the sausage to cook in its own fat.

What happens to the fat that is released during cooking?
The drained fat turns into a solid substance and you simply have to dispose of it. Sometimes, people use hot water to drain the fat down the sink, but remember that it may solidify further down the drain and can cause blockages. Scooping the fat up with a spoon, and disposing of it in a trashcan might be a better idea.

Italian sausage
You'd be unlikely to hear someone refer to a sausage as an 'Italian sausage' in Italy, in much the same way that it would seem strange to hear a hot-dog vendor boasting about his 'American corn-dogs'. In fact, the concept of what an American might expect of an Italian sausage would sound decidedly foreign to an Italian.

An 'Italian sausage' in the United States is a term used to refer to a type of pork sausage that is usually seasoned with fennel and/or aniseed, while chiili-flakes are added into the recipe to produce the 'hot Italian sausage'.
In Italy, each region has its own special variety of sausages, leading to literally dozens of different recipes and preparations ranging from the salsiccia pezzente enjoyed in Calabria through to the salsiccia equina of Veneto (that's right, equino means horse!).

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