How Do I Use The George Foreman Fusion Grill?


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Hi, Bro! Thanks for this instruction! I've bought such a grill a few months ago and it will be very relevant for me. In gratitude, I can advise you how to cook meat on this grill. At first, it is necessary to choose the right kind of meat, of course. Oh, it is easier to give you a link on the nice website about it. You can find more information here.

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Have used the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine for years now, and it has forever grilled up what I set on it now fine. About a month ago, itinerant through the store, I say a heap of George Foreman Party Grill Boxes on the permission passageway.
When you obtain your large bulky weighty box home and open it up you will locate all kind of pieces that you will require to collect before you can use the grill.

The fusion part of the grill refers to infusion of taste into the food. There is a small cup with split openings all about that fits into the middle of the grill pan. Adding taste waters, plummeting sauces or marinades to this little cup let the steamed taste to be free into the cooking juices of the foods.

The Fusion Grill is bright to Pan Broil where you cook the food with lofty heat with no cover on the grill. You can also Dry Fry by using high heat and turning the food stir fry method with a non attach safe spatula. This grill also is able to stitch foods while they are cooking just use a stitching skirmish while the food is cooking.
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My father gave me his George Foreman Fusion grill but he could not find the manual. How can I get a manual? He said he used it once & really liked it. He moved & is not able to keep the grill & wanted me to take it. He couldn't find the manual; he is 80 yrs old. I don't have anything to go by as to how to use it. Thanks!

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