How To Make Whipped Cream?


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There are a number of ways in which cream can be whipped however before starting it would be worthwhile to take note of a few things beforehand. Cream is whipped better if it is extra thick and is chilled before whipping though not frozen also cream which has been stored for a day or two gives better results than fresh cream.

One can whip cream by hand or by using various appliances like a mixer, food processor/ blender or a whipped cream dispenser. To whip the cream by hand use a whisk and whip for about 3 to 5 minutes with vigorous circular and straight motions of the whisk. If one intends to use the whipped cream as a topping then one should whip until the cream turns light and foamy characterized by the formation of peaks if one wants to use it as a frosting the cream should be firm in consistency.

Another method to whip cream using a blender/ food processor would be adding 2 tsp powdered sugar and � tsp vanilla extract and then whipping the cream minus the pushing device for a food processor and the center lid for a blender for a maximum of 5 seconds at a time and slowly increasing the speed until the desired consistency is achieved.
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Some of the things you will require in order to prepare whipped cream are heavy whipping cream, heavy creams, wire whisks and stainless steel mixing bowls.
You can start with by placing the bowl, a whisk and also the cream into the refrigerator. You can keep this for around 10 to 20 minutes. Next you need to pour the cream into the bowl and start whisking. Alternate your motions, once you keep it circular the other time you can keep it straight. On an average it will take you around 4 minutes to whisk a cream. Your first observation of the cream will be that you will see bubbles and later it will start to become foamy. Let be light and foamy, avoid it being thick it might now go well with your cake.
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Please answer my question and oblige how to make fresh cream from fresh milk and please let me know that what is the percentage is getting less from milk to cream

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