What Are The Types Of Honey?


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Honey is a natural sweetener and thought to be a miracle food. it is being used as an instant source of energy. It has a wide variety of vitamins for example 7 of the B-complex group, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial agents.

There are following types of Honey according to its processing. Natural honey is not subjected to processing. It is only warmed enough to flow. It is natural as having live yeast, enzymes, and pollen. It is only slightly screened.Liquid honey are subjected to melt the honey crystals and filtered to remove some impurities. It is unstable and can form crystal later. The impact of heating creates a sharper taste and kills the yeast and enzymes.

Creamed honey is made in the same way as liquid honey, heated, and filtered but then it is purposely re-crystallized by adding some previously creamed honey to form crystal again.

There are types of honey, which based on the flowering plants on which it is subjected to make by honeybees. Such as locust honey, loquat honey, Chinese milk vetch honey, orange and tangerine honey, longan honey, litchi honey, astragalus membranaceus honey, Dangshen honey, and jujuba honey.Also the honey can be typed on having some natural percentage of its constitutes just like royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis.
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There are two types of honey
1. Natural honey
2. Pure Honey
According to several doctors and philosopher, the honey can be used for different purpose.

Honey is the Nectar of Flowers. When bees collect nectar from flowers, it contains about 80% water. The bees store nectar in their beehive. The worker bees evaporate water contents from the nectar until it is reduce to about 17%. This is known as Natural Honey. Honey is combination of 21 sugars: Dextrose, Sucrose, Maltose etc.

This honey contains 181 ingredients. The curative properties of honey are directly linked to quality of nectar of flowers and the quantity of enzymes added but the bees while sealing honey with wax in the final stage. In this 45%, Laevulose is found. It does not require insulin for its assimilation in the blood. Zizyphus honey is not only useful for body's metabolism, but it also reduces blood sugar level.

It is useful for diabetes patients. But also for blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, arthritis, and many other ailments. It is due to higher quantity of iron in Zizyphus honey that hemoglobin in the blood is enhanced. Patients can take one-tablespoon honey per day in a glass of like warm water about 10 minutes before breakfast.
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There are many varieties of honey, depending on what type of flower does the bee use to take the nectar including mono (one type) and poly (many types) floral (flowers) honey, blended honey (different types of honey mixed together), honeydew type, comb, extracted honey, etc.

With regards of the type of flower the bee takes the nectar, there exist another varieties including orange, avocado, wid-flower, buckwheat, tupelo, sage, eucalyptus, clover, sower wood, alfalfa types of honey.

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