Is Cooking Pancakes On A Griddle A Physical Change Or Chemical Change?


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cooking pancakes on the griddle would have both a chemical change and a physical change.
ANSWER: Because a physical change in a substance doesn't change what the substance is and also in can be reversible it involves the changing of the appearance of the substance, but in a chemical change where there is a chemical reaction,a new substance is formed and energy is either given off or absorbed and is not reversible.
EXAMPLE: The freezing of water would be a physical change cause it can be reversible,whereas the burning of the wood is a chemical change cause you can't unburnt it.

However in this case of the pancakes the pancakes are both chemical change and physical change cause the chemical change, it cannot be reversible because it is already cook and can't turn back into pancakes and it's a physical change also because the appearance of the pancake changes.

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