Why Do Watermelons Split Open?


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This just happened to my nicest watermelon. Here in Mesa, AZ, it has been 110 to 115 for months, just dropping to 101 today. I over watered, and with the brutal sun heating the melon up, and my careless over-watering to compensate for the heat and single digit humidity, bingo, it split.  We ate it tonight, yum, but I learned my lesson.  Slow down and let them grow naturally, don't try to push them with over-watering.

Tom in Mesa, AZ
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Haha when i read the question I thought "because somebody put a knife through it". Lol I didn't know watermelons did that.
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They split open because they are equally heavy on each side of the watermelon so when the drop the watermelon splits evenly in half.
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While on the vine what causes them to split ?It is not because they have been dropped. Watermelons are not equally heavy on each side! Wake up and taste the watermelon!!!!!!

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