What Is Chili Oil And Is There A Substitute For It?


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Chili oil is usually olive oil that has been infused with hot red chili peppers. You can make your own by soaking either fresh or dried red chilis of your choice in olive oil for several hours, days or weeks. The oil will get hotter the longer you allow the mixture to infuse.

In a pinch, use some crushed red pepper flakes in some olive oil! Enjoy!
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You say that chili oil is usually made with olive oil.   I doubt that is the case with asian supplies of products containing chili oil.   More likely they use a cheap dangerous trans fat oil like cheap cottonseed or other processed oil.   A genuine firm would use traditional sesame oil perhaps, which would be quite healthy.   Often labels just say "chili oil", and that could mean any sort of toxic oil.   Not a good idea to put into the body.

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