How Do I Get Electricity From Fruit?


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Potato is usually used to generate electricity. But it is vegetable. Producing electricity will require volt meter, different kinds of fruit and metal. Take lemon as your fruit. The acidic material present in lemon produces electricity. Electrons flow from one metal to another in the acid of fruit. Orange is sometimes also used in place of lemon.

Attach a wire to the metals and put them into the fruit and see how much the volt meter moves. >>> here is the complete procedure >>>>
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You got that one, BUT you can dig two post holes in the ground around 8 feet apart, and then drive one 8 ft copper rod in each hole,
Then fill them in with rock salt and top off with dirt.
Leave 9 inches sticking above the ground.
Now wet it down a little with water.
Then wire them, and then measure the voltage!!!!!
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By using apples soaked in alkaline solutions.

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