Can I Make 'Stove-Top Stuffing' In A Crock-Pot Instead Of On The Stove Or In The Microwave? I'm Going To A Potluck At Work Tomorrow And Want To Make The Stuffing At Home, But It Will Be Cold By The Time We Have Our Potluck If I Make It The Other Way.


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It can't be cooked in a crock pot. You'll have to cook beforehand, place in a warmed crock, sprayed with Pam. Not you - the canned kind. Once you get there, stir it up real good. I've done this before.

I take a little Tupperware of seasoned chicken broth, drizzle over the top, stir and recover. By the time we heat, it's still moist and just a little crunchy on the edges.
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YEA! I will do just that! Will let you know how it turns out. Spray with Pam of course! Lol
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I didn't even try to answer this question. I didn't have a clue.
What a great solution Dimps.
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I think after a few hours the water and butter might be hot enough to make it, but there are no guarantees that it will set right. The slow cooker might evaporate more water than you think, and then, the stuffing would be dry, so you might want to add a little extra water to make sure that doesn't happen. I hope this helps.

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